Hany Rizk

Design Sprints
UX & Product Strategy

about me

I help companies solve business challenges and build products & services that this world needs. By leveraging the knowledge and experience I’ve amassed from the startup and corporate worlds, I offer a No BS approach to innovation for digital and non-digital organisations alike.

For over 10 years now, I have designed, managed, and launched products and services for various startups, large companies, and organisations operating in different industries, namely Mobility, Health Tech, Food Tech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Assistants (Voice UI & Chatbots), and Media, among others.

I have previously co-founded a startup called Somuchmore that was later acquired by Urban Sports Club. I later worked on innovation and strategy for future mobility at Volkswagen.

I am a speaker and startup mentor, and I love playing the piano!


Design Sprint: A 4-day Design Thinking process that lets organizations solve business challenges, come up with innovative product and service concepts, and validate them in the market. Consulting on User & Customer Experience Strategy, Product Strategy, Service Design, Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Design Thinking.Design Thinking workshops.Design Sprint training.Brand Sprint: A 3-hour workshop to develop a concrete brand idea that properly describes what a company/product/service is about . As a result, all subsequent squishy decisions about visuals, voice, and identity become way easier.

I am based in Berlin, Germany, but I am open for engagements elsewhere.
I also work in عربي.

selected clients

* Featured on Forbes' 100 Most Innovative Startups of Germany in 2018
** Founded; later acquired.

special rates

My priority is to employ my knowledge, skills, and expertise in purpose-driven projects with social impact, that are good in nature, and which aim to solve real-world problems.

Accordingly, I offer special rates to organisations tackling issues ranging from sustainability and environment, to fighting digital addiction, innovating in health and food, and promoting peace and culture. (After assessment, of course.)


Hany Rizk
MSc in Human-Computer Interaction
BS in Computer Science

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